The Hype

THE HYPE is based on the true story of how an enigmatic fraudster and a success-hungry Jimi Hendrix roadie executed the now-legendary “Brinsley Schwarz Hype” in 1970; an audacious PR stunt to catapult an unknown British band to overnight global stardom.

The Hype

Film / Black Comedy

status: In Development
A small anonymous classified appears in the Melody Maker: ‘Young Progressive Management Company seeks Young Songwriting Group (with own equipment)’. Spool forward 6 months and one of rock n’ roll’s most notorious PR hypes is about to unravel as a guileless rock band take to the stage at New York’s fabled Fillmore East – sharing the bill with Van Morrison.
Based on a true story, THE HYPE is a tall tale about how an enigmatic fraudster, with more pies than fingers, joined forces with a success-hungry ex-Jimi Hendrix roadie to hatch and execute the now-legendary ‘Brinsley Schwarz Hype’. Pinballing between London, Ireland, New York and Toronto, and with an ensemble that includes a seductive heiress, a belligerent US promoter and a planeload of drunken journalists on the world’s most outrageous freebie, THE HYPE revels in the sheer possibility of human dreams and the wafer thin line that exists between triumph and abject disaster.
Written By
  • Chris Boyle McQuarry
  • Will Birch (No Sleep Till Canvey Island)
  • Warner Music Group

A “comedy of errors” with a similar tone to “American Hustle” or “Get Shorty” Variety

“The Pepys of pub rock… Estimable…” Independent on Sunday on No Sleep Till Canvey Island

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