At 2pm on Saturday 27th October Slaughterhouse Rulez took up residence on the main stage at MCM Comic Con London to preview an exclusive extended clip of the movie to a room filled with the cream of genre aficionados.

Stars Finn Cole and Hermione Corfield joined co-writer and director Crispian Mills at the exclusive Q&A and talked all things bloodshed, Dungeons & Dragons and early retirement! Crispian was clearly back in his natural habitat on a main stage, dressed as a Slaughterhouse school prefect (his first foray into Cosplay) and, mic in hand, treated the audience to a rendition of MC5’s cult opening of Ramblin’ Rose. Are you ready to testify?

Here are a few snippets from the Q&A:

What is Slaughterhouse Rulez?

Early in the evolution of Slaughterhouse Rulez, Crispian Mills had to think “is this a horror movie? Is this a comedy? What is it?” His answer was simple: “It’s a mixture.” Not just of horror and comedy, but also of so many movies that he has loved. “There are nods to Harry Potter, to Shaun of The Dead, to Stranger Things, but also to Lindsay Anderson’s ’60s counterculture film If…”

He added “the crazy thing about when you write anything to do with fantasy or comedy is that is very difficult to actually beat reality now. You’re constantly looking in the news and saying we have got to be madder than that… The fracking that recently started in England has just been shut down after 7 days because they’ve had 17 earthquakes.  It’s all a bit bonkers.”

How did Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s new company Stolen Picture get involved?

Though already friends, ahead of boarding the film Simon Pegg was impressed with the script, particularly by the personal touches. As it turns out, Pegg was at that time setting up his own production company, Stolen Picture, with Nick Frost and felt that Slaughterhouse would be a great fit, so that’s how Simon Pegg and Nick Frost ended up executive producing the movie with us.

Why does Slaughterhouse Rulez owe a debt to Tom Cruise’s ankle?

One bonus for the cast was that they got to enjoy Simon Pegg’s company much more than they’d expected thanks to the infamous injury suffered by Tom Cruise during the filming of Mission: Impossible – Fallout

And what about on-set shenanigans?

“Crispian calls us ‘The Scooby Gang’,” revealed Corfield. “It was really fun working with Asa, Finn and Isabella. We actually still see each other — Tom Rhys Harries (who plays school bully Matthew Clegg), too. We’ve all got back together for dinner a few times since the shoot. They’re a nice group.”

Finn revealed that they spent the time hanging around between scenes making a series short films about a character invented by the young cast. Maybe these films will end up on the DVD extras…

What was it like going “back to school” to shoot the film?

Crispian compared corpsing on set to getting the giggles in class with a really strict teacher. With Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Michael Sheen around, the cast were up against it.  Finn agreed: “With regards to ad-libbing –  we were working with one of the best in the biz, Nick Frost, who was on it for every scene that he did…We just had to try our hardest not to laugh every time.”

How did you film the monsters?

We worked with the brilliant SFX team Millennium FX (who cut their teeth on Doctor Who.) The cast seemed to enjoy this!  “Between takes we would go and look at the monsters and prod them as they were all real. The tongues came out, the eyes moved… It was really cool.” Said Hermione. Finn agreed –  often the monsters are added after the film has been shot, so you don’t know what your character is reacting to, but “we could really see the enemy, the beast that we were up against which definitely helped us. Real brains, real guts, real blood.”

What the most interesting or toughest part of filming with practical effects?

For Hermione this was “keeping track of where the blood was meant to be splattered on my face every morning!”

For Finn this was “two days in the Chislehurst caves, which was intense. Down in these very cold, dark damp caves you lose sense of everything.” Crispian added “it was about a 25minute walk from the air down into the ground to where we could shoot. So when you see the kids lost, running around screaming in the pitch black – it’s real.”


#SlaughterhouseRulez is at UK cinemas October 31, 2018.