We are proud to reveal a new project from our burgeoning development slate – Cognition – an original television series created by #catalystcollaborator Alex Garcia Lopez, director of cult British shows Utopia and Misfits.

Cognition is a neo-noir crime thriller covering two serial killer investigations set in two very stylistically contrasting worlds — the vast and desolate lands of America’s declining Mid-West are set in stark contrast with the thriving and overpopulated streets of the Far East.

As revealed by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter today, John Woo and his long term business partners Terence Chang and Lori Tilkin have boarded Cognition as Executive Producers. Catalyst initiated development on the project as its originating producers and identified John Woo and his producers as perfect production partners given their strong US/Asia axis.

John Woo

Director: John Woo

The series is centered around Travis Augustine, an American ex-detective who has travelled to the Far East for a cutting-edge, untested medical procedure to cure his cancer. The theory; trauma manifests itself into illness. The cure; delete the memories associated with the trauma. As Travis recounts the memories from a failed all-consuming ten-year serial killer investigation as part of his treatment, copycat crimes start to take place on the streets of an Asian metropolis and Travis finds himself pulled back in to the vicious cycle he’s trying to escape.

Catalyst co-founder and CEO Charlotte Walls explains the collaboration “John Woo’s films, including “”Face/Off”, “Paycheck” and “Mission: Impossible II” have grossed over $1 billion to date. His provocatively stylish, masterful and hugely commercial approach is in perfect alignment with Catalyst’s agenda to deliver high-end mainstream TV series and films to the global marketplace.”