Variety has announced our new feature THE HYPE, in partnership with Warner Music. The Hype is based on a true story discovered in Will Birch‘s definitive account of the UK’s 70s rock revolution; ‘No Sleep Till Canvey Island.’

The feature will tell the tale of one of the world’s original and most notorious PR stunts, whipped up by an enigmatic con artist known as Eddie Molton. With debt-collectors on the hunt, Molton teamed up with ex-Jimi Hendrix tour manager Dave Robinson on an audacious get rich quick scheme . The pair signed Brinsley Schwarz, an obscure rock band that responded to their ad in Melody Maker, and attempted to catapult them to global stardom by scoring them a debut gig… at the Fillmore East in New York – sharing the bill with Van Morrison.



Man had just landed on the Moon, Dylan had played the Isle of Wight and Hendrix, Woodstock: It was time for a new Band to emerge on the scene. And to witness this launch, Molton and Robinson flamboyantly planned to fly a planeload of the UK’s music press over the Atlantic on an outrageous freebie weekend. What could possibly go wrong?

Chris Boyle McQuarry is writing the screenplay and Will Birch (Music Journalist, Songwriter, Record Producer) is a Consultant. Chris is a long-time collaborator with with Oscar-winner  Simon Beaufoy and his first feature will be produced by Michael Fassbender, Conor McCaughan and Daniel Emmerson at DMC Film.

Said Catalyst CEO Charlotte Walls:  “At the heart of this story is this very enigmatic, slightly flawed businessman who means well and is always aiming to get to his destination, but is always 20% off course. So he never quite gets what he wants. He has all these projects that are very outlandish, but he is very charismatic and beloved, so the people around him all get sucked into believing the hype.”

We have been busy compiling 70s playlists to get in the mood for this ill-fated fame-seeking caper, which took place decades before The X Factor, 50 Cent threatened to retire if outsold by Kanye or U2’s automatic iTunes album download.